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Quality, technology and fast delivery

Machining of metal parts in high-quality equipment 

technology with deadline you need

Quality, technology and fast delivery

Machining of metal parts in high-quality equipment 

technology with deadline you need

Our company

Since 1991, Metalúrgica SS has been seeking the best solutions for its customers every day.

The commitment of Metalúrgica SS, supported by its employees and suppliers, makes its image and brand consolidated in several segments, such as: metallurgy, metal-mechanical, automotive, pneumatic, machinery, furniture, agriculture, transport, mining, oil, naval , electrical, among others.

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Peças usinadas pela Metalúrgica SS



Check out in our institutional video the reasons why Metalúrgica SS has been excelling with mastery in the industrial market.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

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Metalúrgica SS is certified by Norma  ABNT NBR ISO  9001:2015   meeting its customers' needs and requirements.


We supply machined, forged and stamped components for industries in various segments such as: Pneumatic, Automotive, Metallurgy, Oil, Elevators, Agricultural, Electronics, Refrigeration, Automation, Rotomolding, Transport, among others.


Our diversified range of products comprises: special screws, nuts, pistons, pins, washers, tie rods, bearings, nozzles for fuel tanks, needles, rods, suction tubes, metallic inserts for injection, cylinders, bushings, buoy, etc.

Heat treatments and surface finishes

For greater convenience and safety for customers, Metalúrgica SS supplies items with different Thermal and Surface Treatments, including paint, liquid and powder processes.

Met. SS - Peças
Met. SS - Peça Eixo

We also produce parts for the production of truck shock absorbers .


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Contact and Location

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Rua Santo Agostinho, 860 - Bairro São Miguel -  São Leopoldo/RS - Zip code 93025-700

(51) 3588 - 1818


How to get

By clicking on the icons below you can get around by requesting an UBER or tracing the best route to reach SS metallurgical through WAZE.

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