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Metalúrgica SS has its own code of conduct.

 - Compliance with laws and regulations

METALÚRGICA SS complies with all laws, Partners Agreement, articles of association, rules and regulations applicable to its business, including its own internal policies.

All employees must know the legislation and regulations applicable to their professional activities, including internal policies and guidelines, and act in accordance with them.

METALÚRGICA SS is committed to recording all accounting and financial transactions in its reports and balance sheets in a correct, consistent, exact, true and complete manner, in a level of detail and contextualization that ensures the transparency inherent to the situation considered.

It is the duty of every employee to report any practice that they are aware of or suspect that may compromise the veracity of accounting records.

All contracts entered into by METALÚRGICA SS companies must be previously analyzed by the Legal Department to analyze their compliance.

METALÚRGICA SS recognizes and applies, among others, the norms of the National Council for Self-Regulation of its professional activity and related bodies.

The actions of regulatory, supervisory and collection agencies, the police and the Judiciary will be facilitated, and all company information will be made available whenever requested within strict legality.

Contact and Location

Rua Santo Agostinho, 860 - Bairro São Miguel -  São Leopoldo/RS - Zip code 93025-700

(51) 3588 - 1818

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