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Whistleblower Channel

METALÚRGICA SS wants to hear and learn about questions and possible violations related to this Code and current legislation so that it can guide and correct deviations. For this, everyone must address their concerns through the Ethics Channel, clarifying doubts and informing the company of acts performed in disagreement with this Code.

Retaliation or punishment against professionals from METALÚRGICA SS companies or any person who presents criticism, suggestions, reports or complaints will not be accepted. METALÚRGICA SS will not accept acts against professionals, belonging to METALÚRGICA SS or not, who, fulfilling their duty, communicate concerns or situations of ethical deviation, through the competent channels defined herein.

Generally, the manager is in the best position to provide you with support and information and therefore should be sought out first. However, this is not the only alternative. You can also talk to your manager. But, if you are not comfortable reporting a concern or have already done so and the issue still concerns you, use the Ethics Channel.

Disrespecting the Code, falsifying records and/or any other behavior that represents a lack of ethics can lead to strict disciplinary measures, including the termination of the employee and the termination of commercial and/or partnership relationships.

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